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Quality Furnishings

To ensure your health and comfort, NookSpace work spaces come equipped with motorized standing desks and ergonomic chairs. These innovative features allow you to switch from sitting to standing in an instant, promoting a healthy and active work style.

Cleaned Daily

At NookSpace, we take pride in maintaining a clean and organized work environment. Our work spaces are cleaned daily, with daily trash disposal and regular cleanings, ensuring that your NookSpace location is always spotless and organized.


We want you to be comfortable in your work environment. That's why we include common utilities such as heating, cooling, and water in your monthly rate, ensuring that you have a comfortable workspace experience.

Mail Service

Gone are the days of lost mail. With NookSpace, you can safely send and receive mail daily with the help of our office manager. No more worrying about missing an important delivery!

FIOS Fast WiFi

Stay connected with lightning-fast internet speeds! Our work spaces come pre-wired with Verizon FIOS and fast WiFi, ensuring that you and your team have the internet speeds you need to be productive and efficient.

Modern Security

Your security is our top priority. That's why NookSpace work spaces are secured with keyless access doors and CCTV cameras. With these advanced security features, you can rest assured that your workspace is always safe and secure.

Multi Printer

At NookSpace, we understand the importance of having your important documents available and ready. That's why our work spaces are equipped with advanced printer and scanner, ensuring that you have the printing capabilities you need to be productive.

Admin Support

We're here to help! Our full-time front desk employee is here to assist you with tasks and ensure that you have the support you need to be successful.


NookSpace's fully equipped kitchens come with a fridge and microwave, making meal preparation a breeze. Say goodbye to the stress of finding food on the go and hello to a healthier and more fulfilling work day.